Pickerel reflection – mature planting

Every person and every site is unique, so the vision you have for your natural area will not be a ‘cookie cutter’  result.  Explain to Becky what your vision is for your garden, pond, lake, or landscape. Let her help you develop the full potential of your site by using the appropriate plants for your location.

Color and texture for you, nactar for butterflies.

Becky is the owner of Millpond Plants.  In the process of doing extensive biological field surveys, she has experienced and made personal record of most Missouri habitats.  She has found wild seed and propagated wildflowers for 20 years.

Silphium, a common prairie sunflower, blooming for seed production

Becky has experience in farming, horse training, color and sculpture, clerical organization, travel. She received a BFA focused on silversmithing, BS and MS [with honors] in field biology. Now she uses her life experiences and the combination of skills developed in farming,   plant propagation, and art to paint a garden or landscape with living color and texture. Contact Becky by email and let her guide you to a beautiful landscape. beckyerick711 at century link dot net

Prairie plants installed next to frog pond to complete the picture as a “mat and frame”.

One Response to “About”

  1. loreen stringer June 21, 2017 at 8:27 am #

    thank you great page next project rain garden how can i inhibit mosquito w/o moving water in early planning stage stating project fall 2017 or 2018 have large swim pond and small koi pond may incorporate with koi pond as bog filter if moving water necessary studying hort at meremac cc st louis hope to diy love your story

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